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kylmäpihlaja lighthouse island

Kylmäpihlaja is the outermost island of Rauma archipelago and is located about 10 km from the mainland. The beautiful island is a home for many birds, and island has attracted birdwatchers from all around the world.

A lighthouse was built on the island in 1952-1953 to secure increased maritime traffic. In the lighthouse there were living rooms for 12 pilots and trinkets, lighthouse masters, fairways and hosts. The lighthouse has 11 floors and is over 36 meters high. In the lighthouse there is also a sauna and a small chapel.

Today there are 15 hotel rooms in the lighthouse tower and 8 sea view cottages at the island.

In the lighthouse you spend unforgettable moments listening and watching to the sea and birds.


The lighthouse also offers an interesting and diverse setting for meetings, training sessions and family reunions.

The lighthouse Restaurant offers a popular daily lunch on in June-August, at oter times orders from A'la carte list.

There is also a summer café with a souvenir shop, refreshments, ice creams, coffee and snacks.

Lighthouse is open during the summer months on a daily basis when the water bus operates at regular intervals. At other times open on request. →
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045 175 0619

kuuskajaskari militarty island

Kuuskajaskari is a former fortress island. Kuuskajaskari opens at the beginning of May and closes in late August. At other times, island is open to groups. The island has several accommodation options, restaurants and activities.


RESTAURANT WANHA KASARMI serves daily from breakfast to late afternoon. Restaurants serves breakfast, and home-made lunch. Kiosk sales include basic food, souvenirs, etc.
KASARMI VENUE offers comfortable party facilities for groups up to 200 people.

Auditorium max. 100 people. Meeting room max. 50 people. Negotiation facilities for 10-20 people.

Saunas can be reserved for groups on request. Saunas are free for guests, as well as boaters that stay overnight.



Barracks rooms:
4-10 persons, in old army barracks rooms. Shared showers and toilets.


• Unique laser arena for 6-28 fighters in underground space
• Various small outdoor games, ball games fields, indoors are a ping pong table and a variety of games for fun. For children there is a puppet with a lot of different guided moods.
• Guided Kuuskajaskari tour to explore the nature of the island and the geological path and rocky island as well as the history of the island as a fortress of the Defense Forces. Participants in the tour have access to the facilities that have been closed by civilians ...

On order:

• rope and rock climbing
• various excursions, eg fishing or berry tours to nearby islands or other marine destinations
• Military Courses
• canoe trips
• manufacture stone products in the island's own rock studio →
050 313 9160


Reksaari, Rauma's oldest travel island, is a great nature destination for the whole family in summer. Island has nature trails, where you can explore the archipelago's diverse flora and fauna.

Around 300 hectares of Reksaari offers good recreational opportunities. There are playgrounds for children and a sandy beach. The island has a summer cafe, sauna, campfire sites, and small cabins. There is also a dining opportunity during the summer months.

nature and hiking trails

There is a 2.6 km hiking trail leading to the open sea. This route is linked to the three-kilometer route of Rekasaari, the starting point of which is the old fishermen's house in Reksaari Kartu.

The archipelago nature and hiking maps can be found in a brochure, which can be obtained from Rauma Tourist Information.

Reksaari →


The Kaunissaari Nature and Culture Trail presents the lost Sawmill Union of Eurajoki in Kaunissaari. The path goes around the remains of steam sawmill and around the residential area of the mill, formed by A. Ahlström in 1874-1923. The ancient remains of the area represent a relatively young stratum in the archaeological heritage of Finland. Kaunissaari offers the opportunities to swim and sit at a campfire site, it is perfect for a day-long hiking destination.

nature and hiking trails

Kaunissaari is one of the most valuable natural sites in Southern Satakunta. After the era of the Saw mill, it has been developed in peace, without man interfering with natural processes. An unusually fine and varied nature has emerged in Kaunissaari, which includes many rare animal and plant species.

Along the paths there are signs of the island's nature and history. Trails in the terrain are indicated by red, blue and yellow paint marks. At the intersections of the paths there are signs, which also indicate the use of different areas in the sawmill industry.


TVO's nuclear power plant grinds electricity on the west coast of Finland, in the municipality of Eurajoki. The Olkiluoto island power plant has been constructed to provide affordablepower for Finland. Especially for our factories three-lane production, on our energy-intensive industry needs to produce affordable electricity evenly throughout the year, every hour of the day.

nature and hiking trails

The nature environment of the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant is diverse. The coast of Satakunta and its outer arteries are rough and rocky. The Olkiluoto Island's beaches are cobblestone, rocks, sandy beaches and rocky meadows. The area has remained unbroken, a kilometer long, biologically diverse beach zone. Also remarkable are the alder forests that have remained intact. Many wild animals, hares and moose, are found in Olkiluoto. A particular feature of the power plant's immediate surroundings is the abundance of birds and fish stocks.



Laitakari is a peninsula and a marina in Luvia, Satakunta. Laitakari area has a large marina, restaurant and a kiosk. In addition, Laitakari has a wonderful dock and home port of your caldron built in 2010.


Luvia's Laitakari is a traditional shipyard where tall ships ships where made from the end of the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century. In the 19th century it was one of the liveliest dock areas in Finland. All in all, about 70 Laitakaris ships are known. The last sailboat in Laitakari was built in 1919. The shipbuilding tradition was revived at the turn of the millennium, when Laitakari began planning a new sailing ship. As a result of this work, in 2010 galeas Ihana was finished

Laitakari →